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The Top Level & Secondary Level of SCI Paper List of 2019
  1. Luo, YW; Shi, DL; Kranz, SA; Hopkinson, BM; Hong, HZ; Shen, R; Zhang, FT.Reduced nitrogenase efficiency dominates response of the globally important nitrogen fixer Trichodesmium to ocean acidification. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS,2019,10. (IF=12.35)

  2. Yin, JJ; Zhou, M; Lin, ZR; Li, QSQ; Zhang, YY.Transgenerational effects benefit offspring across diverse environments: a meta-analysis in plants and animals. ECOLOGY LETTERS,2019,22(11): 1976-1986. (IF=9.79)

  3. Yu, ZB; Lin, JC; Li, QSQ.Transcriptome Analyses of FY Mutants Reveal Its Role in mRNA Alternative Polyadenylation. PLANT CELL,2019,31(10): 2332-2352. (IF=8.5)

  4. Lu, ZJ; Gan, A; Cui, XY; Delgado-Moreno, L; Lin, KD.Understanding the bioavailability of pyrethroids in the aquatic environment using chemical approaches. ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL,2019,129: 194-207. (IF=7.30)

  5. Li, YF; Lin, JY; Li, Y; Nyerges, T.Developing a resilience assessment framework for the Urban Land-Water System. LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT, 2019, 30(9):1107-1120. (IF=7.27)

  6. Li, Y; Yin, BC; Li, YF.Early warning signals for landscape connectivity and resilient conservation solutions. LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT,2019,30(1):73-83. (IF=7.27)

  7. Bai, MD; Zheng, QL; Zheng, W; Li, HY; Lin, SY; Huang, LF; Zhang, ZT.center dot OH Inactivation of Cyanobacterial Blooms and Degradation of Toxins in Drinking Water Treatment System. WATER RESEARCH,2019,154: 144-152. (IF=7.05)

  8. Xiao, WP; Laws, EA; Xie, YY; Wang, L; Liu, X; Chen, JX; Chen, BZ; Huang, BQ.Responses of marine phytoplankton communities to environmental changes: New insights from a niche classification scheme. WATER RESEARCH,2019,166. (IF=7.05)

  9. Wang, Q; Mei, DG; Chen, JY; Lin, YS; Liu, JC; Lu, HL; Yan, CL.Sequestration of heavy metal by glomalin-related soil protein: Implication for water quality improvement in mangrove wetlands. WATER RESEARCH,2019,148: 142-152. (IF=7.05)

  10. Mei, M; Huang, XJ; Chen, L.Recent development and applications of poly (ionic liquid)s in microextraction techniques. TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,2019,112: 123-134. (IF=7.03)

  11. Fu, D; Kurniawan, TA; Li, H; Wang, LY; Chen, Z; Li, W; Wang, YP; Wang, HT; Li, QB.Applicability of HDPC-supported Cu nanoparticles composite synthesized from anaerobically digested wheat straw for octocrylene degradation in aqueous solutions. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL,2019,355: 650-660. (IF=6.74)

  12. Yu, YX; Yao, L; Bai, MD; Ji, Z; Li, J; Huang, XD.center dot OH mineralization of norfloxacin in the process of algae bloom water treatment in a drinking water treatment system of 12,000m(3) per day. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 2019, 360:1355-1362. (IF=6.74)

  13. Chen, XW; Wei, W; Wang, JN; Li, HB; Sun, J; Ma, RJ; Jiao, NZ; Zhang, R.Tide driven microbial dynamics through virus-host interactions in the estuarine ecosystem. WATER RESEARCH,2019,160: 118-129. (IF=6.66)

  14. Li, HY; Bai, MD; Yang, XT; Zhong, ZQ; Gao, M; Tian, YP.center dot OH pre-treatment of algae blooms and degradation of microcystin-LR in a drinking water system of 480 m(3)/day: Comparison with ClO2. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL,2019,367:189-197. (IF=6.74)

  15. Huang, YF; Zhang, WH; Bai, MD; Huang, XJ.One-pot fabrication of magnetic fluorinated carbon nanotubes adsorbent for efficient extraction of perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acids and perfluoroalkyl sulfonic acids in environmental water samples. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL,2020,380. (IF=6.74)

  16. Lin, KD; Zhang, L; Li, QL; Lu, BY; Yu, Y; Pei, JX; Yuan, DX; Gan, J.A Novel Active Sampler Coupling Osmotic Pump and Solid Phase Extraction for in Situ Sampling of Organic Pollutants in Surface Water. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 2019, 53(5):2579-2585. (IF=6.65)

  17. Liu, FJ; Tan, QG; Fortin, C; Campbell, PGC.Why Does Cysteine Enhance Metal Uptake by Phytoplankton in Seawater but Not in Freshwater?. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY,2019,53(11): 6511-6519. (IF=6.65)

  18. Ya, ML; Wu, YL; Wu, SP; Li, YY; Mu, JL; Fang, C; Yan, JM; Zhao, YY; Qian, RR; Lin, XL; Wang, XH.Impacts of Seasonal Variation on Organochlorine Pesticides in the East China Sea and Northern South China Sea. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 2019,53(22): 13088-13097. (IF=6.65)

  19. Huang, SY; Song, QY; Zhang, YB; Yuan, DX; Sun, LM; Chen, YJ; Jiang, RG; Lin, H.Application of an Isotope Binary Mixing Model for Determination of Precise Mercury Isotopic Composition in Samples with Low Mercury Concentration. ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,2019,91(11): 7063-7069. (IF=6.04)

  20. Tan, QG; Lu, SH; Chen, R; Peng, JH.Making Acute Tests More Ecologically Relevant: Cadmium Bioaccumulation and Toxicity in an Estuarine Clam under Various Salinities Modeled in a Toxicokinetic-Toxicodynamic Framework. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY,2019,53(5): 2873-2880. (IF=6.65)

  21. Liu, X; Dai, JJ; Li, W; Wang, KC; Huang, JL; Li, QB; Zhan, GW.Green Fabrication of Integrated Au/CuO/Oyster Shell Nanocatalysts with Oyster Shells as Alternative Supports for CO Oxidation. ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING,2019,7(21): 17768-17777. (IF=6.14)

  22. Wang, X; Liu, GK; Xu, MX; Ren, B; Tian, ZQ.Development of Weak Signal Recognition and an Extraction Algorithm for Raman Imaging. ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,2019,91(20): 12909-12916. (IF=6.08)

  23. Qiao, HM; Liu, WW; Zhang, YH; Zhang, YY; Li, QSQ.Genetic admixture accelerates invasion via provisioning rapid adaptive evolution. MOLECULAR ECOLOGY. (IF=6.05)

  24. Zhou, Q; Fu, HH; Yang, DW; Ye, CT; Zhu, S; Lin, JC; Ye, WB; Ji, GL; Ye, XF; Wu, XH; Li, QQ.Differential alternative polyadenylation contributes to the developmental divergence between two rice subspecies, japonica and indica. PLANT JOURNAL,2019,98(2): 260-276. (IF=5.78)

  25. Pan, F; Guo, ZR; Cai, Y; Liu, HT; Wu, JY; Fu, YY; Wang, B; Gao, AG.Kinetic Exchange of Remobilized Phosphorus Related to Phosphorus-Iron-Sulfur Biogeochemical Coupling in Coastal Sediment. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH. (IF=4.30)

  26. Huang, YF; Peng, JH; Huang, XJ.Allylthiourea functionalized magnetic adsorbent for the extraction of cadmium, copper and lead ions prior to their determination by atomic absorption spectrometry. MICROCHIMICA ACTA,2019,186(2). (IF=5.70)

  27. Lin, L; Zhang, YL; Beckman, M; Cao, WZ; Ouyang, T; Wang, SP; Li, YY.Process optimization of anammox-driven hydroxyapatite crystallization for simultaneous nitrogen removal and phosphorus recovery. BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY,2019,290. (IF=5.46)

  28. Liu, JF; Xue, XZ.Application of a performance-based public and private partnership model for river management in China: A case study of Nakao River. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION,2019,236. (IF=5.44)

  29. Liu, WW; Pennings, SC.Self-thinning and size-dependent flowering of the grass Spartina alterniflora across space and time. FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY,2019,33(10): 1830-1841. (IF=5.44)

  30. Ye, CT; Zhou, Q; Hong, YL; Li, QQ.Role of alternative polyadenylation dynamics in acute myeloid leukaemia at single-cell resolution. RNA BIOLOGY,2019,16(6): 785-797. (IF=5.22)

  31. Ma, X; Chen, YA; Zhou, KF; Wu, PC; Hou, CH.Enhanced desalination performance via mixed capacitive-Faradaic ion storage using RuO2-activated carbon composite electrodes. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA,2019,295: 769-777. (IF=5.12)

  32. Zhu, MT; Kurniawan, TA; Fei, S; Ouyang, T; Othman, MHD; Rezakazemi, M; Shirazian, S.Applicability of BaTiO3/graphene oxide (GO) composite for enhanced photodegradation of methylene blue (MB) in synthetic wastewater under UV-vis irradiation. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION,2019,255. (IF=5.06)

  33. Sajjad, M; Li, Y; Li, YF; Chan, JCL; Khalid, S.Integrating Typhoon Destructive Potential and Social-Ecological Systems Toward Resilient Coastal Communities. EARTHS FUTURE,2019,7(7): 805-818. (IF=5.05)

  34. Chen, L; Wu, JY; Huang, XJ.Multiple monolithic fibers modified with a molecularly imprinted polymer for solid phase microextraction of sulfonylurea herbicides based on boron-nitrogen interaction. MICROCHIMICA ACTA,2019,186(7). (IF=5.04)

  35. Lin, XR; Zhang, YT; Zou, CY; Peng, LH.CO2 emission characteristics and reduction responsibility of industrial subsectors in China. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2020,699. (IF=5.03)

  36. Wu, PF; Li, DX; Kong, LF; Li, YY; Zhang, H; Xie, ZX; Lin, L; Wang, DZ.The diversity and biogeography of microeukaryotes in the euphotic zone of the northwestern Pacific Ocean. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2020,698. (IF=5.03)

  37. Feng, SC; Wu, JF; Yuan, DX; Huang, YM; Lin, KN; Chen, YJ.Spectrophotometric flow injection determination of dissolved titanium in seawater exploiting in-line nitrilotriacetic acid resin preconcentration and a long path length liquid waveguide capillary cell. ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA,2019,1053: 54-61. (IF=5.12)

  38. Wang, XL; Cai, JL; Liu, LL; Jiang, XM; Li, P; Sha, AG; Ren, JZ.Association between outdoor air pollution during in vitro culture and the outcomes of frozen-thawed embryo transfer. HUMAN REPRODUCTION,2019,34(3): 441-451. (IF=4.99)

  39. Zhang, J; Chen, LF; Zhu, YX; Zhang, Y.Study on the molecular interactions of hydroxylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with catalase using multi-spectral methods combined with molecular docking. FOOD CHEMISTRY,2020,309. (IF=4.96)

  40. Mei, M; Pang, JL; Huang, XJ; Luo, Q.Magnetism-reinforced in-tube solid phase microextraction for the online determination of trace heavy metal ions in complex samples. ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA,2019,1090: 82-90. (IF=4.93)

  41. Yu, A; Lin, XR; Zhang, YT; Jiang, X; Peng, LH.Analysis of driving factors and allocation of carbon emission allowance in China. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,673: 74-82. (IF=4.61)

  42. Fu, YC; Li, JF; Weng, QH; Zheng, QM; Li, L; Dai, S; Guo, BY.Characterizing the spatial pattern of annual urban growth by using time series Landsat imagery. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,666: 274-284. (IF=4.61)

  43. Huang, YL; Huang, JL.Coupled effects of land use pattern and hydrological regime on composition and diversity of riverine eukaryotic community in a coastal watershed of Southeast China. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,660: 787-798. (IF=4.61)

  44. Hu, MJ; Penuelas, J; Sardans, J; Huang, JF; Li, DD; Tong, C.Effects of nitrogen loading on emission of carbon gases from estuarine tidal marshes with varying salinity. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,667: 648-657. (IF=4.61)

  45. Zhang, XY; Tian, YP; Zhang, XF; Bai, MD; Zhang, ZT.Use of multiple regression models for predicting the formation of bromoform and dibromochloromethane during ballast water treatment based on an advanced oxidation process. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION,2019,254. (IF=4.77)

  46. Su, WY; Ye, CT; Zhang, YH; Hao, SQ; Li, QSQ.Identification of putative key genes for coastal environments and cold adaptation in mangrove Kandelia obovata through transcriptome analysis. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,681: 191-201. (IF=4.61)

  47. Zhang, H; Liu, JL; He, YB; Xie, ZX; Zhang, SF; Zhang, Y; Lin, L; Liu, SQ; Wang, DZ.Quantitative proteomics reveals the key molecular events occurring at different cell cycle phases of the in situ blooming dinoflagellate cells. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,676: 62-71. (IF=4.61)

  48. Liu, M; Liu, LM; Chen, HH; Yu, Z; Yang, JR; Xue, YY; Huang, BQ; Yang, J.Community dynamics of free-living and particle-attached bacteria following a reservoir Microcystis bloom. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,660: 501-511. (IF=4.61)

  49. Wu, GJ; Cao, WZ; Wang, FF; Su, XL; Yan, YY; Guan, QS.Riverine nutrient fluxes and environmental effects on China's estuaries. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,661: 130-137. (IF=4.61)

  50. Gao, GF; Li, PF; Zhong, JX; Shen, ZJ; Chen, J; Li, YT; Isabwe, A; Zhu, XY; Ding, QS; Zhang, S; Gao, CH; Zheng, HL.Spartina alterniflora invasion alters soil bacterial communities and enhances soil N2O emissions by stimulating soil denitrification in mangrove wetland. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,653: 231-240. (IF=4.61)

  51. Lee, TH; Cao, WZ; Tsang, DCW; Sheu, YT; Shia, KF; Kao, CM.Emulsified polycolloid substrate biobarrier for benzene and petroleum-hydrocarbon plume containment and migration control - A field-scale study. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,666: 839-848. (IF=4.61)

  52. Zhang, SF; Yuan, CJ; Chen, Y; Lin, L; Wang, DZ.Transcriptomic response to changing ambient phosphorus in the marine dinoflagellate Prorocentrum donghaiense. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,692: 1037-1047. (IF=4.5)

  53. Weng, QH; Firozjaei, MK; Kiavarz, M; Alavipanah, SK; Hamzeh, S.Normalizing land surface temperature for environmental parameters in mountainous and urban areas of a cold semi-arid climate. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,650:515-529. (IF=4.61)

  54. Wang, SQ; Ma, LY; Chen, C; Li, YY; Wu, YL; Liu, YH; Dou, ZY; Yamazaki, E; Yamashita, N; Lin, BL; Wang, XH.Occurrence and partitioning behavior of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in water and sediment from the Jiulong Estuary-Xiamen Bay, China. CHEMOSPHERE,2020,238. (IF=4.43)

  55. Ma, HY; Zhang, YL; Xue, Y; Zhang, YF; Li, YY.Relationship of heme c, nitrogen loading capacity and temperature in anammox reactor. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,659: 568-577. (IF=4.61)

  56. Su, XL; Chiang, PC; Pan, SY; Chen, GJ; Tao, YR; Wu, GJ; Wang, FF; Cao, WZ.Systematic approach to evaluating environmental and ecological technologies for wastewater treatment. CHEMOSPHERE,2019,218: 778-792. (IF=4.43)

  57. Li, J; Liu, JC; Yan, CL; Du, DL; Lu, HL.The alleviation effect of iron on cadmium phytotoxicity in mangrove A. marina. Alleviation effect of iron on cadmium phytotoxicity in for mangrove Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh. CHEMOSPHERE,2019,226:413-420. (IF=4.43)

  58. He, SL; Yang, W; Li, WJ; Zhang, YL; Qin, M; Mao, Z.Impacts of salt shocking and the selection of a suitable reversal agent on anammox. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT,2019,692: 602-612. (IF=4.5)

  59. Hu, MJ; Penuelas, J; Sardans, J; Yang, XY; Tong, C; Zou, SQ; Cao, WZ.Shifts in Microbial Biomass C/N/P Stoichiometry and Bacterial Community Composition in Subtropical Estuarine Tidal Marshes Along a Gradient of Freshwater-Oligohaline Water. ECOSYSTEMS:(IF=4.26)

  60. Luo, SG; Chen, SC; Cao, WZ; Lin, WH; Sheu, YT; Kao, CM.Application of gamma-PGA as the primary carbon source to bioremediate a TCE-polluted aquifer: A pilot-scale study. CHEMOSPHERE,2019,237. (IF=4.43)

  61. Eun, H; Yamazaki, E; Taniyasu, S; Miecznikowska, A; Falandysz, J; Yamashita, N.Evaluation of perfluoroalkyl substances in field-cultivated vegetables. CHEMOSPHERE,2020,239. (IF=4.43)

  62. Lu, PN; Lin, KD; Huang, XW; Yuan, DX.A sensitive method for the determination of ultra trace levels of reactive bromine species in water using LC-MS/MS. TALANTA,2019,199: 567-572. (IF=4.24)

  63. Lin, KN; Li, PC; Ma, J; Yuan, DX.An automatic reserve flow injection method using vanadium (III) reduction for simultaneous determination of nitrite and nitrate in estuarine and coastal waters. TALANTA,2019,195: 613-618. (IF=4.24)

  64. Liu, C; Liao, YM; Huang, XJ; Chen, L; Li, Y.Fabrication of N,N-dimethyldodecylamine functionalized magnetic adsorbent for efficient enrichment of flavonoids. TALANTA,2019,194: 771-777. (IF=4.24)

  65. Pei, M; Shi, XL; Wu, JY; Huang, XJ.Graphene reinforced multiple monolithic fiber solid-phase microextraction of phenoxyacetic acid herbicides in complex samples. TALANTA,2019,191: 257-264. (IF=4.24)

  66. Li, PC; Deng, Y; Shu, HL; Lin, KN; Chen, NW; Jiang, Y; Chen, JX; Yuan, DX; Ma, J.High-frequency underway analysis of ammonium in coastal waters using an integrated syringe-pump-based environmental-water analyzer (iSEA). TALANTA,2019,195:638-646. (IF=4.24)

  67. Pang, JL; Liao, YM; Huang, XJ; Ye, ZW; Yuan, DX.Metal-organic framework-monolith composite-based in-tube solid phase microextraction on-line coupled to high-performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence detection for the highly sensitive monitoring of fluoroquinolones in water and food samples. TALANTA,2019,199:499-506. (IF=4.24)

  68. Huang, YM; Lu, M; Li, HY; Bai, MD; Huang, XJ.Sensitive determination of perfluoroalkane sulfonamides in water and urine samples by multiple monolithic fiber solid-phase microextraction and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. TALANTA,2019,192: 24-31. (IF=4.24)

  69. Wei, CX; Ren, P; Cen, QL; Zhu, YX; Zhang, Y.Simultaneous determination of dissolved phenanthrene and its metabolites by derivative synchronous fluorescence spectrometry with double scans method in aqueous solution. TALANTA,2019,195: 339-344. (IF=4.24)

  70. Kou, L; Duan, YM; Wang, PC; Fu, YR; Darabedian, N; He, YH; Jiang, DL; Chen, DO; Xiang, J; Liu, GK; Zhou, FM.Norepinephrine-Fe(III)-ATP Ternary Complex and Its Relevance to Parkinson's Disease. ACS CHEMICAL NEUROSCIENCE,2019,10(6): 2777-2785. (IF=4.15)

  71. Huang, YM; Lu, M; Chen, L; Bai, MD; Ouyang, X; Huang, XJ.Development of solid-phase microextraction with multiple interactions-based monolithic fibers for the sensitive determination of perfluoroalkyl phosphonic acids in water and vegetable samples. TALANTA,2020,206. (IF=4.15)

  72. Lin, JJ; Chen, NW; Wang, FF; Huang, ZY; Zhang, XY; Liu, L.Urbanization increased river nitrogen export to western Taiwan Strait despite increased retention by nitrification and denitrification. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS,2020,109. (IF=4.12)

  73. Kong, J; Wang, Y; Warren, A; Huang, BQ; Sun, P.Diversity Distribution and Assembly Mechanisms of Planktonic and Benthic Microeukaryote Communities in Intertidal Zones of Southeast Fujian, China. FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY,2019,10. (IF=4.12)

  74. Sun, P; Huang, LY; Xu, DP; Warren, A; Huang, BQ; Wang, Y; Wang, L; Xiao, WP; Kong, J.Integrated Space-Time Dataset Reveals High Diversity and Distinct Community Structure of Ciliates in Mesopelagic Waters of the Northern South China Sea. FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY,2019,10. (IF=4.09)

  75. Li, YY; Chen, XH; Xue, C; Zhang, H; Sun, G; Xie, ZX; Lin, L; Wang, DZ.Proteomic Response to Rising Temperature in the Marine Cyanobacterium Synechococcus Grown in Different Nitrogen Sources. FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY,2019,10. (IF=4.09)

  76. Wang, FP; Xie, YY; Wu, WX; Sun, P; Wang, L; Huang, BQ.Picoeukaryotic Diversity And Activity in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean Based on rDNA and rRNA High-Throughput Sequencing. FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY,2019,9. (IF=4.02)

  77. Mao, Z; Xue, X; Tian, H; Michael, AU.How will China realize SDG 14 by 2030?- A case study of an institutional approach to achieve proper control of coastal water pollution. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT,2019,230: 53-62. (IF=4.01)