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SCI/EI/CPCIS Paper List of 2013

1. Berliarang, J.J. and Fang, Q.H., 2013. Management effectiveness evaluation of Bunaken National Park of Indonesia using an updated framework. In: Q.J. Xu, Y.H. Ju and H.H. Ge (Editors), 2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD 2012) Advanced Materials Research. PROGRESS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, PTS 1-4 Jilin, PEOPLES R CHINA pp. 3180-3185.

2. Chen, B., Zheng, L., Huang, B., Song, S. and Liu, H., 2013. Seasonal and spatial comparisons of phytoplankton growth and mortality rates due to microzooplankton grazing in the northern South China Sea. Biogeosciences, 10(4): 2775-2785. (SCI,IF=3.754)

3. Chen, C., Meng, X.Y., Bai, M.D., Tian, Y.P. and Jing, Y., 2013. Study on the killing of oceanic harmful micro-organisms in ship's ballast water using oxygen active particles, 7th International Conference on Applied Electrostatics, ICAES 2012. Institute of Physics Publishing, Temple Circus, Temple Way, Bristol, BS1 6BE, United Kingdom, Dalian, China.

4. Chen, J., Wang, W.H., Liu, T.W., Wu, F.H. and Zheng, H.L., 2013. Photosynthetic and antioxidant responses of Liquidambar formosana and Schima superba seedlings to sulfuric-rich and nitric-rich simulated acid rain. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 64: 41-51. (SCI,IF=2.775)

5. Chen, J., Wang, W.H., Wu, F.H., You, C.Y., Liu, T.W., Dong, X.J., He, J.X. and Zheng, H.L., 2013. Hydrogen sulfide alleviates aluminum toxicity in barley seedlings. Plant and Soil, 362(1-2): 301-318. (SCI,IF=2.638)

6. Chen, J., Xiong, D.Y., Wang, W.H., Hu, W.J., Simon, M., Xiao, Q., Liu, T.W., Liu, X. and Zheng, H.L., 2013. Nitric Oxide Mediates Root K+/Na+ Balance in a Mangrove Plant, Kandelia obovata, by Enhancing the Expression of AKT1-Type K+ Channel and Na+/H+ Antiporter under High Salinity. Plos One, 8(8): 11. (SCI,IF=3.730)

7. Chen, L.Z., Huang, L., Li, X.F., You, S.Y., Yang, S.C., Zhang, Y.H. and Wang, W.Q., 2013. Water and nutrient relationships between a mistletoe and its mangrove host under saline conditions. Functional Plant Biology, 40(5): 475-483. (SCI,IF=2.471)

8. Chen, L.Z., Tam, N.F.Y., Wang, W.Q., Zhang, Y.H. and Lin, G.H., 2013. Significant niche overlap between native and exotic Sonneratia mangrove species along a continuum of varying inundation periods. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 117: 22-28. (IF=2.324)

9. Chen, N.W., Peng, B.R., Hong, H.S., Turyaheebwa, N., Cui, S.H. and Mo, X.J., 2013. Nutrient enrichment and N:P ratio decline in a coastal bay-river system in southeast China: The need for a dual nutrient (N and P) management strategy. Ocean & Coastal Management, 81: 7-13. (IF=1.597) (SCI/EI)

10. Chen, Y.P. and Ye, Y., 2013. Growth and physiological responses of saplings of two mangrove species to intertidal elevation. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 482: 107-118. (SCI,IF=2.546)

11. Chen, Y.T., Zhao, J.P., Yin, L.Q., Chen, J.S. and Yuan, D.X., 2013. Quantification, morphology and source of humic acid, kerogen and black carbon in offshore marine sediments from Xiamen Gulf, China. Journal of Environmental Sciences-China, 25(2): 287-294. (IF=1.773)

12. Dai, Y.F., Zhou, X.P., Fang, W.Z., Lin, Q.X. and Chen, X.L., 2013. Development and cross-species transferability of 23 microsatellite markers from the vulnerable Chinese Egret (Egretta eulophotes) using 454 sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources, 5(4): 1035-1038. (SCI,IF=0.708)

13. Dai, Y.F., Zhou, X.P., Fang, W.Z., Lin, Q.X. and Chen, X.L., 2013. Development and cross-species transferability of 23 microsatellite markers from the vulnerable Chinese Egret (Egretta eulophotes) using 454 sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources, 5(4): 1035-1038. (SCI,IF=0.708)

14. Dong, H.P., Wang, D.Z., Xie, Z.X., Dai, M.H. and Hong, H.S., 2013. Metaproteomic characterization of high molecular weight dissolved organic matter in surface seawaters in the South China Sea. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 109: 51-61. (SCI,IF=3.884)

15. Dong, H.P., Williams, E., Wang, D.Z., Xie, Z.X., Hsia, R.C., Jenck, A., Halden, R., Li, J., Chen, F. and Place, A.R., 2013. Responses of Nannochloropsis oceanica IMET1 to Long-Term Nitrogen Starvation and Recovery. Plant Physiology, 162(2): 1110-1126. (SCI,IF=6.555)

16. Du, J.N., Yan, C.L. and Li, Z.D., 2013. Formation of iron plaque on mangrove Kandalar. Obovata (S.L.) root surfaces and its role in cadmium uptake and translocation. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 74(1): 105-109. (IF=2.531) (SCI/EI)

17. Du, P.F., Li, Z.Y. and Huang, J.L., 2013. A modeling system for drinking water sources and its application to Jiangdong Reservoir in Xiamen city. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, 7(5): 735-745. (SCI,IF=0.886)

18. Feng, S.C., Zhang, M., Huang, Y.M., Yuan, D.X. and Zhu, Y., 2013. Simultaneous determination of nanomolar nitrite and nitrate in seawater using reverse flow injection analysis coupled with a long path length liquid waveguide capillary cell. Talanta, 117: 456-462. (IF=3.498) (SCI/EI)

19. Fu, S.J., Cai, L.Z., Boucher, G., Cao, J. and Wu, C., 2013. Two new Richtersia species from the northern Beibu Gulf, China. Journal of Natural History, 47(29-30): 1921-1931. (SCI,IF=0.778)

20. Gu, H.F., Zeng, N., Xie, Z.X., Wang, D.Z., Wang, W.G. and Yang, W.D., 2013. Morphology, phylogeny, and toxicity of Atama complex (Dinophyceae) from the Chukchi Sea. Polar Biology, 36(3): 427-436. (SCI,IF=2.006)

21. Guo, F., Tu, R.W. and Wang, W.X., 2013. Different responses of abalone Haliotis discus hannai to waterborne and dietary-borne copper and zinc exposure. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 91: 10-17. (SCI,IF=2.203)

22. Guo, F., Yang, L.L. and Wang, W.X., 2013. Effects of metal burden and food avoidance on the transfer of metals from naturally contaminated prey to a marine predator Nassarius siquijorensis. Aquatic Toxicology, 132: 111-118. (SCI,IF=3.730)

23. Guo, F., Yang, Y.B. and Wang, W.X., 2013. Metal bioavailability from different natural prey to a marine predator Nassarius siquijorensis. Aquatic Toxicology, 126: 266-273. (IF=3.730)

24. Guo, F., Yao, J. and Wang, W.X., 2013. Bioavailability of purified subcellular metals to a marine fish. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 32(9): 2109-2116. (IF=2.618) (SCI/EI)

25. Guo, H.Y., Zhang, Y.H., Lan, Z.J. and Pennings, S.C., 2013. Biotic interactions mediate the expansion of black mangrove (Avicennia germinans) into salt marshes under climate change. Global Change Biology, 19(9): 2765-2774. (SCI,IF=6.910)

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28. Huang, J.L., Li, Q.S., Huang, L., Zhang, Z.F., Mu, J.L. and Huang, Y.L., 2013. Watershed-scale evaluation for land-based nonpoint source nutrients management in the Bohai Sea Bay, China. Ocean & Coastal Management, 71: 314-325. (IF=1.597) (SCI/EI)

29. Huang, J.L., Li, Q.S., Pontius, R.G., Klemas, V. and Hong, H.S., 2013. Detecting the Dynamic Linkage between Landscape Characteristics and Water Quality in a Subtropical Coastal Watershed, Southeast China. Environmental Management, 51(1): 32-44. (IF=1.647) (SCI/EI)

30. Huang, J.L., Li, Q.S., Tu, Z.S., Pan, C.M., Zhang, L.P., Ndokoye, P., Lin, J. and Hong, H.S., 2013. Quantifying land-based pollutant loads in coastal area with sparse data: Methodology and application in China. Ocean & Coastal Management, 81: 14-28. (IF=1.597) (SCI/EI)

31. Huang, J.L., Lin, J., Zhang, Y.Z., Li, Q.S. and Hong, H.S., 2013. Analysis of phosphorus concentration in a subtropical river basin in southeast China: Implications for management. Ocean & Coastal Management, 81: 29-37. (IF=1.597) (SCI/EI)

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33. Huang, J.L., Zhou, P., Zhou, Z.R. and Huang, Y.L., 2013. Assessing the Influence of Land Use and Land Cover Datasets with Different Points in Time and Levels of Detail on Watershed Modeling in the North River Watershed, China. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10(1): 144-157. (SCI,IF=1.998)

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35. Huang, X.H., Zhou, X.P., Lin, Q.X., Fang, W.Z. and Chen, X.L., 2013. PCR-RFLP technique for species identification of molted feathers in six species of co-occurring Ardeids. Conservation Genetics Resources, 5(3): 817-819. (SCI,IF=0.708)

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47. Li, T.C., Wu, C.Y., Chen, W.H., Yuan, C.S., Wu, S.P., Wang, X.H. and Du, K., 2013. Diurnal Variation and Chemical Characteristics of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles and Their Source Fingerprints at Xiamen Bay. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 13(2): 596-607. (IF=2.827) (SCI/EI)

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