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SCI/EI/CPCIS Paper List of 2011

1. Chen, B.Z., Irwin, A.J. and Finkel, Z.V., Biogeographic distribution of diversity and size-structure of organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2011. 425: 35-U348 (SCI)

2. Chen, B.Z. and Liu, H.B., Comment: Unimodal relationship between phytoplankton-mass-specific growth rate and size: A reply to the comment by Sal and Lopez-Urrutia (2011). Limnology and Oceanography, 2011. 56(5): 1956-1958.(SCI, IF=3.385)

3. Chen, B.Z. and Liu, H.B., Temporal stability of marine phytoplankton in a subtropical coastal environment. Aquatic Ecology, 2011. 45(3): 427-438.( SCI,IF=1.365)

4. Chen, B.Z., Wang, L., Song, S.Q., Huang, B.Q., Sun, J. and Liu, H.B., Comparisons of picophytoplankton abundance, size, and fluorescence between summer and winter in northern South China Sea. Continental Shelf Research, 2011. 31(14): 1527-1540.( SCI,IF=2.088)

5. Chen, G.C., Tam, N.F.Y., Wong, Y.S. and Ye, Y., Effect of wastewater discharge on greenhouse gas fluxes from mangrove soils. Atmospheric Environment, 2011. 45(5): 1110-1115.(IF=3.465) (SCI/EI)

6. Chen, G.C. and Ye, Y., Restoration of Aegiceras corniculatum mangroves in Jiulongjiang Estuary changed macro-benthic faunal community. Ecological Engineering, 2011. 37(2): 224-228.( SCI,IF=3.106)

7. Chen, G.H., Zhang, M., Zhang, Z., Huang, Y.M. and Yuan, D.X., On-Line Solid Phase Extraction and Spectrophotometric Detection with Flow Technique for the Determination of Nanomolar Level Ammonium in Seawater Samples. Analytical Letters, 2011. 44(1-3): 310-326.( SCI,IF=1.016)

8. Chen, J.N., Wu, F., He, M.C., Liu, B.B., Zhu, Y.X. and Zhang, Y., 2010. APPLICATION OF CDOM FLUORESCENCE TO INDICATE PHYSICAL DYNAMICS ON THE OCEAN SURFACE. In: R.D. Morrison and G. Osullivan (Editors), Environmental Forensics. Royal Soc Chemistry, Cambridge, pp. 71-82. (SCI)

9. Chen, L., Wang, P., Liu, J.B., Liu, B.B., Zhang, Y., Zhang, S.Z. and Zhu, Y.G., In Situ Monitoring the Photolysis of Fluoranthene Adsorbed on Mangrove Leaves Using Fiber-Optic Fluorimetry. Journal of Fluorescence, 2011. 21(2): 765-773.( SCI,IF=1.966)

10. Chen, L., Zhang, Y. and Liu, B.B., In situ simultaneous determination the photolysis of multi-component PAHs adsorbed on the leaf surfaces of living Kandelia candel seedlings. Talanta, 2011. 83(2): 324-331.( SCI,IF=3.722)

11. Chen, M.R., Chen, B.Z., Harrison, P. and Liu, H.B., Dynamics of mesozooplankton assemblages in subtropical coastal waters of Hong Kong: A comparative study between a eutrophic estuarine and a mesotrophic coastal site. Continental Shelf Research, 2011. 31(10): 1075-1086.( SCI,IF=2.088)

12. Chen, N.W. and Hong, H.S., Nitrogen export by surface runoff from a small agricultural watershed in southeast China: seasonal pattern and primary mechanism. Biogeochemistry, 2011. 106(3): 311-321.( SCI,IF=3.069)

13. Chen, N.W., Hong, H.S., Huang, Q.J. and Wu, J.Z., Atmospheric nitrogen deposition and its long-term dynamics in a southeast China coastal area. Journal of Environmental Management, 2011. 92(6): 1663-1667.( SCI,IF=2.596)

14. Chen, X.H., Liu, H.B., Weinbauer, M., Chen, B.Z. and Jiao, N.Z., Viral dynamics in the surface water of the western South China Sea in summer 2007. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 2011. 63(2): 145-160.( SCI,IF=2.393)

15. Chen, X.P., Li, L., Cheng, J.P., Chan, L.L., Wang, D.Z., Wang, K.J., Baker, M.E., Hardiman, G., Schlenk, D. and Cheng, S.H., Molecular staging of marine medaka: A model organism for marine ecotoxicity study. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2011. 63(5-12): 309-317.( SCI,IF=2.359)

16. Ding, Z.H., Wu, H., Feng, X.B., Liu, J.L., Liu, Y., Yuan, Y.T., Zhang, L., Lin, G.H. and Jiayong, P., Distribution of Hg in mangrove trees and its implication for Hg enrichment in the mangrove ecosystem. Applied Geochemistry, 2011. 26(2): 205-212.( SCI,IF=2.017)

17. Dong, K.J., He, M., Li, C.L., Hu, H., Liu, G.S., Chen, Z.G., Li, Z.Y., Wu, S.Y., Liu, J.C., You, Q.B., Jin, C.S., Wang, X.G., Shen, H.T., Guan, Y.J., Yuan, J. and Jiang, S., AMS Measurement of (53)Mn at CIAE. Chinese Physics Letters, 2011. 28(7).( SCI,IF=0.731)

18. Dong, M.Y., Xue, X.Z. and Cepph Org, C., 2010. Apply EBM Concept into Xiamen Ecological Restoration, Conference on Environmental Pollution and Public Health, Vol 1-2. Sci Res Publ, Inc-Srp, Irvin, pp. 619-622.( SCI)

19. Fang, Q.H., Zhang, R., Zhang, L.P. and Hong, H.S., Marine Functional Zoning in China: Experience and Prospects. Coastal Management, 2011. 39(6): 656-667.( SCI,IF=1.194)

20. Fang, W.Z., Lin, Q.X., Chen, X.L. and Lin, J.H., Nestling Diet of the Vulnerable Chinese Egret on Offshore Islands in Southern China. Waterbirds, 2011. 34(2): 247-252.( SCI,IF=0.757)

21. Guo, W.D., Yang, L.Y., Hong, H.S., Stedmon, C.A., Wang, F.L., Xu, J. and Xie, Y.Y., Assessing the dynamics of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in a subtropical estuary using parallel factor analysis. Marine Chemistry, 2011. 124(1-4): 125-133.( SCI,IF=2.751)

22. Guo, W.D., Yang, L.Y., Wang, F.L., Chen, W.Z., Wang, X.H. and Hong, H.S., Parallel Factor Analysis for Excitation Emission Matrix Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Dissolved Organic Matter from a Reservoir-Type River. Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2011. 31(2): 427-430(SCI/EI)

23. Hong, H.S., Chai, F., Zhang, C.Y., Huang, B.Q., Jiang, Y.W. and Hu, J.Y., An overview of physical and biogeochemical processes and ecosystem dynamics in the Taiwan Strait. Continental Shelf Research, 2011. 31(6): S3-S12.( SCI,IF=2.088)

24. Hong, H.S., Chen, C.T.A., Jiang, Y.W., Lou, J.Y., Chen, Z.Z. and Zhu, J., Source water of two-pronged northward flow in the southern Taiwan Strait in summer. Journal of Oceanography, 2011. 67(4): 385-393.( SCI,IF=1.293)

25. Hong, H.S., Liu, X., Chiang, K.P., Huang, B.Q., Zhang, C.Y., Hu, J. and Li, Y.H., The coupling of temporal and spatial variations of chlorophyll a concentration and the East Asian monsoons in the southern Taiwan Strait. Continental Shelf Research, 2011. 31(6): S37-S47.( SCI,IF=2.088)

26. Hong, H.S., Wang, Y.J. and Wang, D.Z., Response of phytoplankton to nitrogen addition in the Taiwan strait upwelling region: Nitrate reductase and glutamine synthetase activities. Continental Shelf Research, 2011. 31(6): S57-S66.( SCI,IF=2.088)

27. Hong, H.Y., Chen, W.Q. and Zhang, L.P., A probabilistic Risk Forecast of Accidental Oil Spills from Vessels in Luoyuan Bay, Fujian Province, PRC. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 2011. 2: 49-56(EI)

28. Hu, H.Y. and Li, X.M., Pilot-scale Preparation of Nanometer Photocatalytic Film for Air Purification by Loading Commercial Nanometer Titanium Oxide Powder on Honeycomb Aluminum. iCBBE Proceeding, 2011. 2011: 1-4(EI)

29. Hu, H.Y. and Xiong, B.L., 2010. Key Ecological Process and Risk-Control Strategies of the Resource Recycle Pattern for Forested Land Treatment System, CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AND PUBLIC HEALTH, pp. 1105-1109.

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31. Huang, B.Q., Xiang, W.G., Zeng, X.B., Chiang, K.P., Tian, H.J., Hu, J., Lan, W.L. and Hong, H.S., Phytoplankton growth and microzooplankton grazing in a subtropical coastal upwelling system in the Taiwan Strait. Continental Shelf Research, 2011. 31(6): S48-S56.(IF=2.088) 3

32. Huang, H., Cao, W.Z., Li, Y., Su, C.X., Zhong, B.L. and Yue, H., 2011. Benefit analyses of soil and water conservation: A case study in a hilly red soil area in southeast China, Proceedings of CDCIEM 2011, Changsha, Hunan, China.

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