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Brief CV

  • 2018-present, Professor, College of the Environment & Ecology, Xiamen University

  • 2013-present, Joint Professor, Coastal and Ocean Management Institute (COMI), Xiamen University

  • 2013-2018, Associate Professor, College of the Environment & Ecology, Xiamen University

  • 12/2012-02/2013, Guest Scientist, Humboldt-University Berlin, Berlin, Germany

  • 04/2012-01/2017, Project Associate, Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) Project, a core Project of IHDP

  • 10/2011-10/2012, Visiting Fellow, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

  • 06/2009-07/2009, Visiting Scholar, McGill University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, Funded by The Special Award for Canadian Studies (SACS) Program, Canada

  • 2007, Ph. D., Nanjing University, China, Environmental Science

  • 2004, M. Sc., Nanjing University, China, Marine Geology

  • 2001, B. Sc., Nanjing University, China, Geography Science

Research Interests

  • Coastal Resilience and Land-Water-Biodiversity Nexus

  • Urbanization and Environmental Studies

  • Urban Region and Landscape Ecology

  • Environmental RS and Spatial Analysis

  • Coastal Wetlands

Selected Publications

  • Winther, J. G., Dai, M., Rist, T., Hoel, A. H., Li, Y.F., Trice, A., Morrissey, K., Juinio-Meñez, M. A., Fernandes, L., Unger, S., Scarano, F. R., Halpin, P., Whitehouse, S., 2020. Integrated ocean management for a sustainable ocean economy. Nature Ecology & Evolution. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41559-020-1259-6

  • Li, Y.F., Xiang, Z.Y., Chen, K. L., Wang, X.Y., 2020. An improved spatial subsidy approach for ecological compensation in coastal seascapes for resilient land-sea management. Journal of Environmental Management, 276: 1-9.

  • Fan, B. X., Li, Y. F.*, Pavao-Zuckerman, M., 2021. The dynamics of land-sea-scape carbon flow can reveal anthropogenic destruction and restoration of coastal carbon sequestration. Landscape Ecology, 36(7): 1933-1949.

  • Wang, Q. L., Li, Y., Li, Y. F.*, 2021. Realizing a new resilience paradigm on the basis of land-water-biodiversity nexus in a coastal city. Ocean & Coastal Management, 207: 104603.

  • Sajjad, M., Li, Y., Li, Y. F.*, Chan, J., Khalid, S., 2019. Integrating Typhoon Destructive Potential and Social-ecological Systems towards Resilient Coastal Communities. Earth’s Future, 7: 805-818.

  • Li, Y., Li, Y.F.*, Kappas, M., Pavao-Zuckerman, M., 2018. Identifying the key catastrophic variables of urban social-environmental resilience and early warning signal. Environment International, 113: 184-190.

  • Sajjad, M., Li, Y.F.*, Tang, Z., Cao, L., Liu, X.*, 2018. Assessing Hazard Vulnerability, Habitat Conservation and Restoration for the Enhancement of China’s Coastal Resilience. Earth’s Future, 6(3): 326-338.

  • Li, Y. F., Li, Y., Wu W., 2016. Threshold and resilience management of coupled urbanization and water environmental system in the rapidly changing coastal region. Environmental Pollution, 208: 87-95. [Invited Paper]

  • Li, Y. F., Zhang, X. X., Zhao, X. X., Ma, S. Q., Cao, H. H., Cao, J. K.  2016. Assessing spatial vulnerability from rapid urbanization to inform coastal urban regional planning. Ocean & Coastal Management, 123: 53-65.

  • Li, Y. F., Shi, Y. L., Qureshi, S., Bruns, A., Zhu, X. D., 2014. Applying the concept of spatial resilience to socio-ecological systems in the urban wetland interface. Ecological Indicators, 42: 135-146.

  • Li, Y. F., Li, Y., Zhou, Y., Shi, Y. L., Zhu, X. D., 2012. Investigation of a coupling model of coordination between urbanization and the environment. Journal of Environmental Management, 98: 127-133.

  • Li, Y. F., Zhu, X. D, Sun X., Wang, F., 2010. Landscape effects of environmental impact on bay-area wetlands under rapid urban expansion and development policy: A case study of Lianyungang, China. Landscape and Urban Planning, 94: 218–227.

Teaching Experience

  • 2017-present, Undergraduate Course: Urban Ecological Planning and Management

  • 2014-2016, Undergraduate Course: Urban Ecological and Environment

  • 2020-present, Graduate Course: Landscape Ecology

  • 2015-present, Graduate Course: Ecological Design and Planning

Research Funding

  • Coastal Land-Water-Biodiversity Nexus: spatial mechanism and integrated land-sea application, 2020-2023, Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

  • Resilience based landscape assessment and sustainable transformation approaches in the coastal reclamation areas, 2017-2020, Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

  • Investigation of Landscape Resilience and Governance of Social-Ecological Systems in Coastal Urban Sprawl Area, 2013-2016, Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

  • Threshold of landscape security for coastal urban sprawl in Lianyungang, China, 2010-2012, Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

  • Investigation on Mangrove Biological Resources in Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces, China, 2017-2021, Funded by the Key Special Project for National Key R&D Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST)

  • Ecological security and coastal restoration for South Fujian urban agglomeration, 2016-2020. Funded by the Key Special Project for National Key R&D Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST)

Awards and Honors