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教授 博导


  • PhD, Institute Of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1997)

  • Post-Doctoral Scholar,Xiamen University (1998-2000)

  • Professor, Xiamen University (1999--)

  • Visiting Professor,Exeter University,UK(2004)

  • Visiting Professor,Imperial College London,UK(2007)


  • Our major research focus on the biogeochemical process of heavy metals and organic pollutants (POPs) in wetland ecosystem(water/sediment/plant). We have made some progress in distribution of heavy metals and the relationship between them and plants, environmental conditions and chemical-physical properties in estuary sediments, speciation distribution of heavy metal in the mangrove sediment,the influence of mangrove roots on bio-availability of heavy metals.

  • We also probe into the concentration, temporal and special distribution pattern, bioaccumulation and its environmental effects of typical organic pollutants (PCBs, PAHs) in mangrove swamp ecosystem by theory, research methods and approaches in biogeochemistry, ecology and environmental biology. We plan to research the variations transformation, transfer-exchange rule of POPs in the multi-medium interface from different ecological levels, clarify the biogeochemical process, the absorbing, accumulation, transform, excluding mechanism of POPs by mangrove biology (especially the rhizosphere of mangrove plant) and their affecting mechanism on sediment and biology.

  • Using the Organic compounds(biomarkers) as a useful way to develop proxy records for past climate, track the organic matter sources preserved in marine sediments , and assess environmental quality. The mangrove forest is the typical tropic and sub-tropic coastal community. Some of them grow in the estuary, where is the environment affected by intensively humanity activities. While the biomarkers in mangrove ecosystem are the logical target of many investigations, higher plant and other terrestrial biomarkers are also common in it. And the biomarkers from the mangrove ecosystem can carry lots of environmental information, which can be used to develop records of terrestrial vegetation seasonal variety; the climate changes in the local area, even the affection form the pollutions. In other hand, the samples of mangrove tissue (such as leaf, root, shoot and fruit) and sediment, that will be tested by stable isotopic analysis. According to the stable isotopic fractionations, we can confirm what kind of biomarkers can be the effectively indicator to environmental information.



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