The College aims at the most advanced research areas and needs of the country in the field of subtropical coastal zone (watershed-estuary) and wetland ecosystems, with foci on the environmental evolution process, mechanisms and environmental effects of coastal wetland ecosystem. Meanwhile, applied subjects such as aquatic environmental technology and engineering, ecological remediation and protection, environmental management and assessment will also be promoted.

Research Area I:Coastal wetland ecosystems

The ecology, evolutionary biology and molecular biology studies of coastal wetland ecosystems, as represented by mangrove ecosystems, for maintaining biodiversity in the context of global change

Research Area II: Marine and coastal ecosystems and environmental change

The response, mechanism and feedback of coastal zones, offshore ecosystems and biogeochemical processes to environmental changes under the influence of natural variability and human activities.

Research Area III: Pollution prevention and control in the coastal zone and offshore areas

Environmental behaviour, toxic effects, risk assessment, control and prevention techniques, and ecological restoration and management of pollutants in the intersections of land and sea.

Research Area IV: Sustainable development of the ecological environment

Based on conservation biology, landscape ecology and ecological environment planning as scientific foundations, providing scientific basis for national sustainable development strategies through long-term ecological environment monitoring, system simulation and big data research.